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A Week in a Voice Actor’s Life: Day 6

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Day 6: Wednesday, 17th Nov 2021


Home Taste BKT-related work


Long lunch with an ex-colleague at ButtyBoyCooks and Nippori




Badminton + Supper



Expanding on the highlights:

ELearnings need not all be narrations. Sometimes it comes in the form of a storyboard with characters. One type of internal eLearning that I've been consistently receiving is corporate diversity (and we all know that you need some Asians in diversity haha).

My native Chinese Malaysian accent comes into good use here. Sometimes, clients prefer my 'neutral' accent -- a blend of everything that I've learnt so far accent-wise, and surprisingly it's actually the most natural accent for me to opt for when I'm in front of the mic my "auto-pilot" accent.

The Raydesk Arcade Game is like old arcade games. I recorded the opening "Welcome to the Raydesk R-Cade Game" and a bunch of... I suppose you could call them "reaction words / lines", like "Great!", "Wow!", "Shield On", "Companion Off", "Game Over!". The creator shared a video of the game so I had a good idea of what energy level to give. I recorded, edited and sent off the audio file. My best guess is they splashed some effect over my voice to suit the game, coupled with background music and sound effects.

I was really excited when the game came out; I could play something that had my voice in it :D I'm not anywhere near being an established voice actor, so having an opportunity as such is a mini milestone for me ^.^ You can play this browser-based game now:

Being a freelancer voice actor gives me the flexibility to plan my day as how I'd want it to be: work on my side business in the morning, go for a long lunch and catch up with an ex-colleague from Singapore (I love hitting cafes on weekdays during the day when the crowd is smallest), play badminton at night with friends who have regular working hours, then continue with work before hitting the sack. I get to choose how hectic or relaxing my day is. Granted, I usually end up over-working myself because I don't know when to stop, but I think it's still admissible to hustle hard at this beginning stage of my career. It's like a baby, you care for it 24/7, nurse it, cuddle it, feed it, and don't let it out of your sight. (Sorry, it's Chinese New Year here as I'm writing this and I've been surrounded with babies and children of my cousins' that this metaphor felt so fitting).

Anyway! Onto the last day!

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