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A Week in a Voice Actor’s Life: Day 3 & 4

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Day 3: Sunday, 14th Nov 2021

Up at 6:45pm, went on a day trip, played volleyball, slept at 11pm+.

I did plan to work but was too exhausted. With that being said, as a freelance voice actor (I don’t know anyone who is tied to a company), there is no distinction between weekends, weekdays, and public holidays. I’d usually be working on a Sunday if I do not have pre-planned outings.

Day 4: Monday, 15th Nov 2021

Morning - Afternoon

Non-VO related: reached out to potential distributors for my side business, Home Taste Bak Kut Teh.

Late Aft.

Recorded, edited and submitted:

  • 3 commercial dubbing,

  • IVR


  • Walked Ocean

  • Edited and submitted the eLearing on Marketing job

Night (10:30pm - 12:30am)

Recorded my Narration demo with my voice acting coach

Expanding on the highlights:

Home Taste Bak Kut Teh is a side business I started this year. If you’re not from around here, then… go Google ‘Bak Kut Teh’.

I would write more if this is a blog about ‘A Week in a Bak Kut Teh Startup Founder’s Life”.

While being a freelancer gives you the flexibility to do other things, I tend to jam-packed my life to the point of burnout. In order to expand my side business, I arranged to go to Penang the following week, hence I was reaching out to potential shop owners and distributors, researching, cold calling, emailing, following up and trying to set up meetings.

Life would have been more relaxed without this side business. I would have gone skateboarding in the morning for hours with some mates. But this is how it is when you’re working a full-time job while trying to start something on the side.

Commercial dubbing: I was given 3 commercials with low audio quality. Without the luxury of multiple screens (and the space for it), I watched the video a couple of times, exported the audio, and dubbed over it.

In previous jobs, I tried to watch the video and script at the same time but… it was too challenging if I wanted to focus on emoting as well. So for now, this way works better.

narration demo loading
omg I did this image myself :D

Narration demo: Ahhh, demos demos demos. At some point, an aspiring voice actor will inevitably ask, “Do I really need a demo to land jobs?”. It really depends. I’ll write a blog about this in the future, but for now, this demo is prepared for overseas clients, agents, and agencies. My voice acting coach and I have been working on the scripts for weeks, writing and practicing, narrowing down on its delivery.

I turned my aircon off for 2 hours, sitting inside the booth recording my narration demo with my coach directing me real-time. The audio was then sent to her audio engineer to be mixed and mastered. I was quite nervous for this, but it felt good once it’s done. I’ll finally have my first professionally produced demo.

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