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I'm Sam.
I started voice acting in April 2019.
It was a time when I was unemployed and my music partner said my voice was suited for ASMR. Since I already had the proper recording equipments, I thought, no harm giving it a go, and created an Upwork profile. 
After a year of doing it on the side (I landed a full-time job shortly after), I switched to full-time. I set up my home studio and started hustling to make a career out of voice acting.
I am an alumna of The University of Kent (UK), majored in Economics and minored in Spanish. Prior to voice acting, I worked in the Cloud Computing and AdTech industries as a marketing manager for 4 years.


Someone once asked me, 

what is my end goal as a voice actor? 

I feel a certain quiet and peaceful content when my voice is used as a medium of knowledge, that the audience learns through my voice.

And with that, my goal as a voice actor

is to one day narrate for National Geographic,

to travel and take the listeners on a journey that’s always enlightening, often surprising,

and unfailingly fascinating.

Here's to humble beginnings with me narrating from National Geographic posts on Instagram. Give it a listen :)

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My favourite category?


I started a 'Storytime with Sam' series both on YouTube (with visuals) and on Spotify (audio only).


I've always loved singing.

I have a YouTube account where I coverboth English and Chinese songs.

I mostly play the ukulele, but picked up the guitalele after my uke got stolen. Like most Chinese,

I play the piano too.

Seraphine - To The End Album Art.jpg

While tutoring Mandarin in Uni,

I met Peter, a multi-instrumentalist. 

We started creating music together and formed the band Seraphine.

Give our first album a listen:

2. Email - Home Taste BKT (English).png

Home Taste Bak Kut Teh

is a side business I started, selling Bak Kut Teh soup sachets.

Each packet comes with a story of the past, reminding us of the generations that came before us.

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