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The World of Voice Acting

On the surface, voice acting seems to be all about reading scripts, having a 'good' voice, and shouting "Hi-yah!" to signify you're doing jump-kicks. But it's way more than that. It's an expansive ocean where no matter how far and deep you swim, there's always more welcoming you.

Along your voice acting journey, you'll learn technical techniques like microphone positioning, basic audio editing, pitch and volume changes; whilst on the artistic side, how to use each character as a canvas to express your emotions. Venture deeper, and you'll find the permission slip to let go fully and explore the many facets of yourself.

Ready to set sail on your 'voicexpedition'? Let's walk out of your comfort zone, one step at a time. Take a look below to find the classes that suit you best.

Private Classes

I was shy when I first started, conscious that I was making a fool of myself.

But there's no need to feel scared or embarrassed. 
My classes are a safe zone, free of judgment. Think of voice acting as a chance to find comfort behind the characters that shield and protect you. In time, you will learn how to free yourself of self-imposed restrictions, just like how I did.

In our private classes, choose from one of the three to start: 
How to sell without sounding like you're selling?
How to educate or tell a story without sounding monotonous?
How to act, talk, laugh, scream, cry, like a character?
Whether you're focusing on auditions or a particular aspect, I'll tailor our classes to cater to your specific needs. Sessions can be held online or in-person, provided you have a private space in Klang Valley or Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. Rates vary based on location.

Group Workshops

Not quite ready for one-on-one classes?
Know a few enthusiasts who share the same interest?
A Group Voice Workshop is the perfect balance.
Learn from each other
Observe the different ways on your peers approach the same script.
Mutual Support
Create an encouraging environment by cheering each other on.
Affordable Learning
Enjoy the process without financial pressure.
As a group, choose from Commercial, Narration, or Character. Before the workshop, scripts will be shared for self-preparation, and we'll explore them together during our session. Online workshops are ideal for 3-6 participants, while in-person sessions cater to 5-10 participants. The latter is a great option if you have a suitable space for a conducive group learning experience in Klang Valley or Petaling Jaya in Malaysia. 

Voice Talks

Take a peek into the immersive universe of Voice Over.
Especially beneficial for university students in the field of Animation, 3D modelling, Film, VFX, Broadcasting, Communications, Theater Arts, Media Studies, and related disciplines.

Talks last between 1 to 2 hours provide foundational insights and act as a springboard for deeper exploration, which can be followed by smaller breakout workshops for those interested in trying out voice acting themselves.
  • What is the difference between "Voice Over" and "Voice Acting"?
  • How many types of Voice Overs are there?
  • How do Voice Talents operate? Are they freelancers or tied to agencies?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to the industry?
  • Are ADR, pre-lay, and dubbing the same?
  • How is Malaysia different than the rest of the world?

Student Privileges

As a former student, I understand the financial challenges. Therefore, I'm offering exclusive rates for students (up to undergraduate degrees) on both private classes and group workshops, making voice acting education more accessible for you.

Reach Out

Thanks for registering your interest! I'll get back to you as soon as possible
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