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The evacuation was a trap.

The life rafts are sinking and their bodies are mutating. A new species is being born, in pain and confusion, in the midst of a vast ocean.

Hidden from the world, their fate lies in Keala’s hands. But as she tries to reach the mainland, hunters discover her trail. They can’t allow the truth to escape…

I narrated half of the audiobook

and portrayed one of the two

main character - Keala,

as well as voicing a dozen other characters, stretching across multiple accents

(Chinese, Japanese, American, British) in both genders.

Narrator, Keala, Multiple Characters
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May the Best Scam Win

Role: May

Darren runs a blog on small business technology and marketing. After writing an article about Tinder scammers, a woman calling herself 'May' appeared and offered "to help" victims recover their funds. Darren turned his duplicitous psycho-drama experience with May into a 4-part documentary.


Click here to read the full article.
... and don't fall victim to Tinder scammers 🙃

Image by Cristian Palmer


People of Water.jpg


"Sam was fantastic to work with. As well as being a highly skilled narrator, she's extremely professional, responsive, and reliable.

She paid close attention to detail to the brief, met all project milestones on time, and responds positively and promptly to any feedback to ensure the final result is perfect.


I would definitely work with Sam again, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a voice actor with top notch production skills.


She recorded a 5 hour audiobook for me with complex characters, multiple accents, and to a tight deadline, delivering it all to a great standard, and saving me a lot of headaches!"

—  Marcus Martin, multi-award-winning author